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Life is so busy now, I am not finding time to post here as often as I would like, but I do make regular

postings on Twitter, so see:- http://twitter.com/david2knight

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July’s weather

This month’s weather is really getting me down; nothing but wind & rain with a little bit of sun Where has our summer gone?

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Power cut

Well, I am sitting here in candle light writing this post as we have had a power cut since about 2pm this afternoon.

The strong winds today have blown over a tree which had bought down a power line that feeds our house.

I had forgotten just just how much we take electricity for granted these days.

How am I doing this post then?

On my WordPress App on my iPhone!………..which despite all the comments is really great.

I am now going to publish this post over the O2 network; let’s see if this works!

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iPhone 3G – at last I have one!


Well it took a while, but I got there in the end and my iPhone 3G finally arrived on Monday 21st July.

I found it most anoying that as a business user, O2 would not take an order and simply deliver when they had stock in, but in the end this is what happened.

Best bits so far:-

A baby iMac in my hand.

Email, Contacts & Calender syncing with my desktop.

Slickness of the phone & visual voice mail.

Phone & iPod in one.


 Best Apps:_

Remote – drives iTunes from your iphone.

Twinkle – if you do Twitter.

Shopping List.

SplashID – for all your logins & passwords.

Chopper – a helicopter flying game.

Crash Kart – a driving game.

Things need improving ASAP:-

Better battery life please. 

Where is the To Do list? – from Exchange/Outlook; I thought 2.0 was for the business user?

Cut & Paste

Things to improve for the future:-

Larger pixel camera

Video calls

 32 GB version

Blackberry,  who needs ’em!

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